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Rose Deck

The Rose Deck is a deck of meditation cards, each with its own Rose character and interpretation.

Use the Rose Deck to:

Rose Journal

The Rose Journal provides a space for you to interact with the Rose language. It is a handsomely bound journal with illustrations, challenges, and room to write.


Our thoughts can not be conveyed to another human without being wrapped in language—a sound that takes on meaning. Why would the sounds that form the word “Danger!” coming from my mouth alert a fellow climber to step away from the hidden cliff, thus saving a life? Why would hearing the series of sound “Great work!” from someone else’s mouth instill in me a sense of pleasure, achievement? Language—these complex tools of communication we barely think about—is at some level arbitrary. We decide that sounds will mean something. And then we teach our children, this sound signifies, embodies this concept. Then we write things down: when you see this squiggle, this mark, say this sound, at least in phonetically based languages. The sounds and marks change over the years, but we still instill in our children this shared understanding, this language.

What if we took this idea that sounds and marks have a shared meaning, a shared understanding, into another realm—another level of complexity? What if each letter in the alphabet took on a range, a spectrum of meaning on its own? All of a sudden, we splash a layer of new colors onto old words. In this writing system, called Rose, each letter encompasses a spectrum, a facet of looking at the world. Each letter then has permutations, which symbolize points on the continuum for that spectrum.

Moreover, now the word takes on a cloak of secrecy. For now you will know the Rose characters and what they mean. You will understand the code. But those who have not been so enlightened will see merely a bunch of scrawls. You can hold your meanings close to you or share the secrets with a friend.


Sample Letter: S: Change

Rose symbol for s: changeS: Change

S: Change

Change can take many directions. It is the break in the routine, the discomfort of the new. When you walk barefoot in a creek, the mud is disturbed from its settled bed, whirls, and settles again. Your life is a constant arrangement of unsettled thoughts, issues, problems that will eventually settle down again. But in the meantime, embrace the whirlwind.