Rose symbol for z: thankfulz: blessings multiply                       
Rose symbol for  z:bitterz: resentments simmer

Etymology: The origin of this symbol and spectrum

“Z” is also a newcomer, thus it is stuck on the last and least used letter. When I was reviewing my Rose language to share with you, I realized there were many concepts I did not cover in the Rose language—pain, death, family. (Yes, there is the “I” of family and teamwork and partnership—but this is a very positive thing—there is no symbol/continua/concept for a family that does not work closely, for a dysfunctional family.) But in the end, all of these are more complex concepts that can be nuanced and shaded using the other Rose symbols. The most basic concept, I thought, that I had missed is the spectrum of attitude.

How we perceive things—whether from a perspective of gratitude, understanding what we have, or from a perspective of bitterness, wanting what we do not have—is, I think, the most fundamental spectrum/spectacle/prescription of all, and thus a fitting ending on the Rose alphabet.

Orthography: How to remember these symbols

The “z” is really an omega, the end of the greek alphabet.

For the “z” of blessings, make an arch and elongate the lines under each of the ends of the arch, (reminiscent of the lines in “n” of honesty and the “u” of understanding). The longer the lines, the more gratitude and thankfulness.

For the “z” of resentment, jealousy, envy, make the arch and make the beginning and ending lines under each of the arch’s ends as loops, (reminiscent of the lines in “n” of dishonesty and the “u” of incomprehension).

Philosophy: How I use these symbols to embrace life

As the “z” of gratitude’s straight lines on the bottom of the arch echo honesty and understanding, I trace and retrace the straight lines, thinking about what I have to be grateful for.

With the “z” of bitterness and envy, I trace the loops, trying to figure out what I am jealous of, what I am bitter about. I let myself be bitter about the pain in my life, about losing my love. Within these loops, I let myself get angry about the people who still walk hand-in-hand with their loves years and years later. I feel it, and let myself be with it. Then I redraw the "z" with straight line edges to help myself let go and remind myself that I am grateful I had my love in my life for as long as I did. That we did have an incredible love, one that many people never get in their entire lives.