Rose symbol for y: safey: sheltered and safe                    
Rose symbol for y: dangery: exposed and in danger

Etymology: The origin of this symbol and spectrum

The “y” of protection arose as I needed someway to feel safe, some mantra I could trace over and over again to calm myself in difficult situations. I could picture myself held up in those arms of the y, like a little nest. Then of course, I needed a “y” which showed vulnerability, like hiding under a tree in lightning—to indicate when a place was not safe.

Orthography: How to remember these symbols

The key to the “y” is to think of that middle line, that stick up above the arms as the thing that is—or is not—protected from the dangers under the arms, those unknown loop. The “y” up cradles the line in its arms, providing a safe bower. The “y” down leaves the line above it vulnerable, almost ready to slip over the edge and the loop lurking below.

Philosophy: How I use these symbols to embrace life

If I want to feel safer, I trace those arms holding up the little tip of the “y” over and over again. If I am not sure how I feel about a situation, I draw the line with the loop (which is really the “o” positive) and then I concentrate and ask myself—in this situation, does the line go up for protection, or down for being vulnerable, or is it both ways?