Rose symbol for l: lovel: love, caring                     
Rose symbol for l: hatel: hatred, harming

Etymology: The origin of this symbol and spectrum

The love is a sign my love asked me to create. She asked me why I had not incorporated the ideals of love and kindness and caring in my code. I said that I really hadn’t had that kind of true caring, a person who genuinely cared about me for me. She said, now you do. And so I created this for her.

Ironically enough, I also created the hatred and evil sign when I discussed my love’s family history and my past on the streets, for we both had a great deal of experience with people whose only goal is to tear others down, to hate and destroy.

Orthography: How to remember these symbols

Love is something to hold onto, something to treasure. So the “l” love is written like a bowl with large rims—the love can gather on the edges of those rims and fill the bowl with a nurturing spirit.

Hate is something to let go of, for to keep this is to fester and it can only create more hatred and evil. Thus, the “l” for hate is written like a bowl turned on its side—t remind us to let the hatred go.

Philosophy: How I use these symbols to embrace life

I draw the “L” of love and then start filling it in with good memories—like the time my love and I lay on the grass at the Botanic Gardens, just holding hands under the lilacs. I use it like a scrapbook, filling the pictures in in my mind.

I draw the “L” of hate and then start letting things spill out of it. I say, “I do not need … in my life. I let it go.”