See your world through Rose-colored glasses


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These layouts are really guided meditations for you to consider aspects of your life.  There is no right way or wrong way to do any of these readings. However, it really is best to keep a journal of the readings and interpretations you do. This way, you can go back through a particular reading and see how you have grown, how you have changed, and what you still may need to address. You can also use the deck in conjunction with the Rose Journal, which gives you a printed book to write and keep your thoughts.

Random card for the day

This character allows you to go through the day with a new perspective. You can draw out the character on a piece of paper or keep the card from the Rose Deckwith you all day. From time to time, touch the character or the card. How does the situation you are in change with that perspective?

Q youngq: young, naive. Take a fresh perspective. How would someone from another land, another culture see this moment?

F infinitef: infinite. What in this situation, this moment, will matter when you consider the infinite vastness of the universe?

Look within yourself

This layout allows you to see yourself reflected in new ways.

Your strengths: This represents your talents, your abilities. What does this characteristic say about who you are? Can you embrace this into your life, enfold this into your identity?

Your weaknesses: This provides a new vantage point into areas that you may need to focus on or address. Sometimes, if you are weak in an area, you can exchange services with someone who is good at that. What does this characteristic say about these areas in your life?

Your past: This shows your past events in a new way. How can you see your memories, your history, using this lens? How does this change your understanding of what happened?

Your present: This illuminates what is going on right now. How does this characteristic relate to your life now? What does it mean to issues, people, situations?

Your future: This can show ways to view and plan for your future. What does this character say about what you want in the future? How can you use this to realize your dreams?


Your strengths: j: open. I am open to new ideas and new experiences.

Your weaknesses: k: struggle, fight the good fight, enthusiasm. I sometimes get over enthusiastic about a project. I need to focus my energy.

Your past: v discards. In the past, I was treated as worthless. I need to remember my own worth.

Your present: b fear. I am afraid of what could happen. I need to face my fears so that I can move on.

Your future: m gentle energy. I can move forward in a calm, purposeful way.

Make yourself attractive to partners

You can use this prescription to help focus your wants and desires and find ways to attract a lover, a friend, or a mate.

Why you want someone in your life: This card invites you to look closely at your life and your needs. Do you need companionship—or do you need someone to lean on because you are afraid you can not make it on your own? What does this characteristic say to you about why you are seeking a partner.

Who you want to attract: What type of person do you want in your life? Who are you looking for? Compare this character with the one drawn for why you want someone in your life.

Where you are in your life: This character can provide a new perspective on your life as it is now. What does this characteristic mean to you? How do you see this unfolding in your life?

Where you need to be to sustain a relationship: This character suggests areas that you could focus on to help develop a sustainable, healthy relationship—where both partners respect and honor and treasure the other.

Steps you can take: Compare this characteristic with the two above it, to overlay a new view of where you are in your life and where you need to be. Then use this to create a plan of action.

Why you want someone in your life: d: distant. I feel distant from everyone and I want someone there to help me feel closer to people.

Who you want to attract: c: unconventional. I want someone different in my life, someone who can introduce me to new experiences that I would not otherwise think of doing.

Where you are in your life: m: frantic energy. I may be rushing around trying to do too much, trying to worry about everything at once.

Where you need to be to sustain a relationship: r: Difficult memories. I have some past relationships and difficult memories and I may be bringing those old experiences to a new person. I need to work on letting those go so I can be free to experience a new type of relationship.

Steps you can take: m: no energy, quiet. I will take some time to rest and think about ways I can let go of the past.

Strengthen relationships

You can strengthen any relationship—from family to friends to lovers. For relationships lie within a complex web. Each person brings their previous actions, present concerns and connections and their own strengths and perceptions to the relationship. Working through this reading with the other person can help you both understand each other and develop new ways to interact.

Challenges: This characteristic represents roadblocks, problems, or other potential difficulties. Just identifying these can help you both address them. How does this characteristic relate to what is going on in your life?


Your strengths:

Your partner:

Your partner’s strengths:




Your strengths:

Your partner:

Your partner’s strengths:

Create a plan of action <doit.htm>

This spread helps you think about a problem and what you can do to address it. To begin, write out a goal. What problem do you want to solve? What do you want in your life?

Goal/Objective: This characteristic illustrates how you view the goal. How does this characteristic relate to the goal? What does this show about my goal? How can I use this characteristic to illuminate my goal.

You: How can you relate to this characteristic now? What does this mean in your life? Do you want this in your life or do you need to take steps to overcome it?

Inner Resources: This represents your inner strengths, your talents, what you can bring to the problem. What strengths does this characteristic speak to? What resources can you bring to resolve the problem or achieve the goal?

External Resources: This represents strengths and resources in the community. How does this character help you see what is around you to work with? What people, organizations, or other resources can you tap into to achieve your goal or solve your problem?

Challenges/Blocks: This characteristic can be used to see your challenges in a new light. How does this character relate to the blocks you find? What potential blocks are represented by this character? How can you watch for these?


Problem and goal: My business is not doing well and my business partner has left me. I want to revitalize the business.

Goal: s change. I need to change the way my business is structured. I need to do things differently from what I am doing now.

You: p anger. I need to acknowledge that I am angry at my business partner’s betrayal but I need to leave that out of my life so I can go on to reach my goal.

Inner resources: h joy. I have the ability to see humor in the situation, and I can laugh a bit. This makes it easier to relate to people and to carry on.

External resources: q mature, wisdom. Hank, a retired businessman, could help me figure out some new strategies.

Challenges/Problems: x complex. The situation sometimes seems too complex and there are so many facets. I can simplify by concentrating on one aspect of the business at a time.