I am using Kickstarters as a way to gather a community around the Rose Language and as a platform to tell the multi-layered Rose tales. Every Kickstarter builds on the others, and each one is an opportunity for you to get your name or another concept written in Rose. Each Kickstarter has its own style of signatures.

Fall 2014 Kickstarter

The Trust Workbook explores how potential (T), memory (R), understanding (U), and change (S) work together to create trust. This kickstarter continues the adventures of Thorn, a homeless high school teen, who uses Rose to save the world.

Summer 2014 Kickstarter

Rose Love Greeting Cards showcases the word "love" on greeting cards. Give someone you love a card rich in significance. Spell out the word: L {love} | O {good} | V {value} | E {present-future} and share how much you care.

Tell a Love story--with deeper meanings -- Kicktraq Mini

May 2014 Kickstarter

Digital camera to document community actions in South Africa was a project to provide our first Rose Scholar with a digital camera so that he can document his actions. This was a great success, and thank all who participated!