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The Easy Definition

This began as a simple code, a letter substitution, and has grown since then. Now, each letter has an assigned concept and at least two symbols which show different aspects of those concepts. You can play with the letter, the concept, the word. This project has many parts, with books, meditations, and even community outreach.

The Abstract, Obtuse, and Definitely for Scholars Version

The Rose Language uses a many-to-one semantic correspondance with Roman characters to create shades of meaning. This basic conce(p)(i)t then permeates other works. The Kickstarters, for example, are a basic literary platform, designed to blur the edges between language as story and as reality.

About me

I have been an electronic literature writer for over two decades, have travelled the world, and have seen too much. You can see all my other works at my author website: Deena Larsen